Using Twitter

Promote your business using Twitter!

Social media isn’t going away. For your small business, it’s time to embrace social media platforms rather than continue to avoid them.

For this week’s blog, we want to focus on the Twitter platform, and they ways you can use it to promote your small or medium-sized business. There are tons of ways to do it, and we’ve got you covered!


This one is pretty obvious! It’s important to tweet out interesting tidbits of information about your company and your industry. If there is any big news in your field, be among the first to tweet about it, and offer your opinion about what’s going on.

Retweet and Interact with Influential Accounts

Two of the best ways to gain a Twitter following are to follow other accounts (preferably those within the same industry as you) and to retweet some of the things they have to say. This, along with your own tweets and ideas, helps to show people that you are a trustworthy source in your industry, and you will gain followers.

Take Advantage of Hashtags and Trends

Keep up with the latest trends in your industry, and figure out which hashtags people will search when looking for news on Twitter. This is the number one way to gain a following. For example, if you are a real estate company, be sure to use tags such as #RealEstate and the name of the areas where you work (such as #VinelandNJ).


You only have 140 characters, but to take advantage of all the space Twitter allows you for a post, images are super important. Be sure that your image is relevant to the tweet and catches the eye of those who see it.

Use Twitter Analytics

This one is a little bit more advanced, but also not very hard to understand. You can look at the statistics of different tweets by clicking the small bar chart icon below any one of your tweets. This will show you how many impressions, engagements, profile clicks, and more that each post has led to.

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