Why Things Catch On?

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“Word of mouth generates more then twice the sales of paid advertising in categories as diverse as skincare and mobile phone.” McKinsey Quarterly

How do we get people talking about our Brands?

Firstly we need to be putting out content on a regular basis.  This content should be a mix of Education, Fun, and selling your product or service.  It should be original content, shared informative content, and video. OnTarget Media Group focuses on Digital Marketing in Southern New Jersey.  We pride ourselves on educating local businesses on how to marketing themselves to the correct audience using a variety of different methods.  Using Social Media, SEO, Video content and getting it out to the masses. 

Next your info needs to fit these criteria:Digital Marketing in Southern New Jersey

Social currency: It’s all about people talking about things to make themselves look good, rather than bad

Triggers: which is all about the idea of “top of mind, tip of tongue.” We talk about things that are on the top of our heads.

Ease for emotion: When we care, we share. The more we care about a piece of information or the more we’re feeling physiologically aroused, the more likely we pass something on.

Public: When we can see other people doing something, we’re more likely to imitate it.

Practical value: Basically, it’s the idea of news you can use. We share information to help others, to make them better off.

Stories: or how we share things that are often wrapped up in stories or narratives.

Of course there is no guarantee this will make your content catch on, but it will  increase the chances.  What % of word of mouth is online? 7% of word of mouth is online!  Most is still face to face.  Getting people to talk about your Brand is key!  That’s why putting in the effort, and creating content on a regular basis helps increase this chance.

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