WordPress vs. Drupal: What’s the Difference?

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WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla and MODX: these are just a few of the options you will come across when deciding how to build a website.But what is the difference between all of them? How much research are you going to have to do before you can get started? It’s a truly daunting task trying to decide what’s best for you and your small business.

We’re here to make this much easier for you by breaking down the two most popular options: WordPress and Drupal. There are many similarities and differences between the two; let’s explore them!


25% of all the worlds websites are made using WordPress.  WordsPress has a friendlier UI(User Interface), so it’s easier for most people to use this from the first time they have to make changes to their site.  There are tons of great free & paid themes to choose from when making your site, and they are fully customizable. 

Drupal out of the box takes a little getting used too, but now with the automatic updates it helps make the platform a whole lot easier to use and update.

WordPress is the clear winner here. Without extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP, Drupal is a very difficult tool to use. The back end of WordPress is, put quite simply, more user-friendly.

Winner: WordPress

Size Capability

Are you looking to create a website with a simple one-page blog, or a site with hundreds, even thousands of pages?  Many enterprise companies and government entities are using Drupal now as well.

For a smaller website job, WordPress is great, as it was originally created with intent for blogs. But when it comes to larger sites, Drupal has the ability to support much larger amounts of pages and content.

Winner: Drupal

Search Engine Optimization

Drupal and WordPress are pretty different when it comes to SEO. Drupal was designed specifically to be great with search engines, while WordPress consists of plugins that also get the job done very well. A good developer will be able to use either of them for successful optimization.

Winner: Both


Another thing Drupal and WordPress have in common? They are both completely free.

Winner: Both

At OnTarget Media Group, we have experience with both platforms, and we are equipped with everything needed to build your business a beautiful custom site. Whenever you realize that it’s time for a new site, you’ll get the best website design in South Jersey when decide to give us a call!