It’s simply not enough to just have a good website anymore; you must optimize that website across all device formats. Ideally, you’ll have a desktop version, a tablet version, and a mobile version of your site. This helps maximize customer experience, therefore increasing SEO effectiveness and time spent on your web pages.

Here are some of the reasons why mobile device marketing has become so significant for small businesses.


Mobile Reaches Just About Everyone

How many people do you know that don’t typically use a tablet? A laptop computer? A desktop computer? Likely a handful of each.

But, how many do you know that don’t have a smartphone? Probably none! This is one of the biggest reasons why marketing trends point so greatly toward mobile devices.


Search Engines Are Beginning to Require Mobile Optimization

Since early 2015, search engines like Google have been significantly penalizing the search rankings of sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. If someone searches from their phone and your business’s website isn’t optimized for mobile purposes, customers will have a difficult time finding you.


Mobile is Even Used In-Store

Many shoppers actually use their smartphone to compare prices even when they’re in a store! If you can have a well-optimized mobile site for these consumers to find a better price, you can steal business directly from your competitors with little effort.


SMS Marketing is Growing Like Crazy

Think about this. Do you open every email you get? I sure don’t. But every text message? Absolutely.

Businesses are taking advantage of SMS (text messaging) marketing now more than ever. Texts are all but guaranteed to be opened, so it’s just up to you to have good content in them!



Digital Marketing Agency South Jersey

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